It’s finally time to reBUILD and now is the time to build the yoga business you want and deserve.

For yoga teachers and studio owners reconstructing their businesses after a period of unprecedented change in the wake of COVID-19.

The reBUILD series will help you:

✓ Regain stability/control of your business
✓ Learn how to make your failures work for you
✓ Learn just how much you are truly capable of
✓ Be optimistic about the future of your business and teaching
✓ Build confidence + feel empowered to move forward!

To make the content easy to navigate and ultra-convenient for busy yoga professionals, the program is broken down into a 6-part video series with practical + timely lessons, take home exercises + supporting mental health tips.

After taking this course you’ll have an actionable 90 day business plan to use to reBUILD your business and the motivation and accountability you need to implement it!

**Full video series and workshop available for CE credits

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The series overview is a preview of what the reBUILD series has in store for you!

→ Watch the overview video

Video Workshops

Designed to be watched in sequence, each lesson contains a main goal, three lessons and a homework exercise. Total running time of the series is 75 mins. Watch the introduction video and learn more about each lesson below!

Series Intro

#1 reFLECT Be proud: of what you’ve accomplished and key lessons learned the hard way.

  • learn the opportunity & challenge of processing loss to regain a growth mindset
  • create a contingency plan to use your hard-earned lessons from the pandemic well
  • understand the concept of your next normal

#2 reASSESS Take stock of your existing business.

  • learn the importance of assessing your yoga business
  • learn what your yoga services are, and how to assess them
  • understand your cash flow

#3 reIMAGINE The moment is filled with possibilities, NOW is your opportunity to create.

  • embrace the wild opportunity to create
  • explore learnings from your yoga services assessment
  • explore learnings from your cash flow analysis

#4 reIDENTIFY You can go anywhere, by choosing the next destination for your business.

  • begin to define your next normal and discuss the obstacles standing in your way
  • start articulating your 90 day goals. Introduction to the goal setting template.
  • learn how to maximize your existing business and sell new things to existing clients.

#5 reSET Create an action plan to make your dreams a reality.

  • learn new strategies to help you reach your 90 day THRIVE goals
  • learn ways to diversify your revenue streams
  • be reinspired to sell and review digital marketing tools

#6 reCLAIM NOW is a great time to be in business. It’s time to THRIVE again.

  • learn to cultivate the courage to implement your 90 day THRIVE plan.
  • learn why NOW is a great time to be in business.
  • earn to stop running business as usual

Bonus Material

After completing the reBUILD Workshop Series watch a conversation about mental health tips with Dr. Diane Malaspina and Ava Taylor.

→ Watch the video


If you have questions or comments as you work through the ReBUILD program, please email: We are here to support you.