About the CommUnity

Welcome to YA CommUnity! We are excited to have you.

The YA CommUnity is a welcoming, inclusive space for members to connect in sangha and support. Within the CommUnity, yoga professionals around the world can share information, resources, and experiences; and form personal peer-to-peer relationships that may enhance your livelihoods, strengthen your network, and inspire your yoga teaching and practice.

Through its dynamic features and applications, the CommUnity helps to foster inclusion and accessibility within the Yoga Alliance membership and elevate the profession of yoga through credible collaboration opportunities. It also affords Yoga Alliance the opportunity to further live its associational values, particularly those of Unity, Inquiry, and Seva.

Among the CommUnity’s features are:

  • The ability to swap files, share resources, and post content;
  • Designated spaces to ask and answer important questions for your profession and practice;
  • Access to the diverse, inspiring breadth and depth of members’ shared experiences and knowledge; and
  • Real-time engagement with other yoga professionals just like you.

This new platform is designed for our members, but only thrives with our members. You are its champions and spearheads, its wisdom keepers and content generators, its heart and soul.

See you on the inside!

To get started is easy, simply log in and update your profile to begin connecting.

Hear from our Senior VP of Membership Erin Vennie and start engaging!

For more information on the CommUnity and all it has to offer, visit YA CommUnity FAQs.