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A Child is the Best Teacher - Live Life of Yoga

By Vishwa Aathreya, RYT 200 posted Feb 04, 2022 12:28 AM

Hari AuM

It is 18 months since I became a grandfather. My granddaughter has made me truly happy, like all grandchildren do to their grand parents.  How is this meaningful or related to Yoga?  Such that it finds a rightful place in this forum of Yoga teachers, thinkers, practioners and more.  Please lend me your attention; I am listing out the two great lessons that I learnt. 

The State of Happiness: Babies are always happy. They do get upset as well but not the 'Chitta Vritti' type.  In addition they appear to be eternally busy in their wakeful time and constantly in motion from the day they start crawling and graduate to running. This is the state of happiness that we should get back into.  Pure, selfless, unalloyed.  When I say selfless, I mean when we see a baby it makes us naturally happy. The burden of thoughts and sorrow just seem to disappear. The mind becomes light and a new world opens up. 

Every Moment a Yoga Moment: Having established that babies are yogis in thought, their actions too are replica of asanas. Observe closely how they sit, stretch, twist, bend, roll, each is an asana. To test this statement spend a moment watching a baby. I tried imitating my granddaughter ; wow! it was not easy. Babies are so flexible. However this inherent yoga way of daily life gradually, quite sadly fades away as the luxury of living in modern technology driven environment dominates life. 

My advice, get rid of 'creature' comforts at home, always sit on the floor (flexibility), relaxing, eating whatever. Use hands for eating food (engage body and mind). Keep doing something always (Alert mind). The list is endless.  I mean do all that to be like a baby in thought and action.

Sarve Janaha Sukhino Bhavanthu

Vishwa Athreya