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Why is the Yoga Community so Important

By Olivia Baylor, RYT 200 posted Mar 11, 2022 09:01 PM


Why Is the Yoga Community So Important?


In any dominion of life, having a community of like-minded people is quite essential for so many positive impacts and reasons. Community is a symbol of connection and union, and humans are social animals. As a result, living in isolation is a big NO.

Moreover, having a yoga community brings immense benefits in a person's life. Yoga is not just the act of working out, and it is a complete passage towards growth and happiness. It impacts both the physical and mental state of an individual. In short, you can say that yoga is a whole journey of connecting through mats and beyond mats.

Community helps you with your journey, and it brings the essence of empathy and connection. You feel better in a group of people with the same interest. In this era of modernity and technology, where digital communication is in trend and becomes a norm, cultivating an association is important and much needed.

The followings are some of the main benefits that the yoga community provides, which shows why is yoga community is important:

1.   Growth:

Yoga is a track of finding happiness and comfort. During yoga, you practice many things that include learning therapeutic ideas, breathing on a wider level, doing mindful eating, making a conscious and better decision, deep thinking, and treating other people with kindness and respect.

Community gives you better chances and a healthier environment to grow. It helps you move forward in your journey and become a better and finer person day by day. Having a community is a great source of inspiration. While seeing other people struggle and putting efforts to achieve the same goal inspire you to do the same. Yoga is another name of internal growth, and it does better in the community.

Sharing the common ultimate goal with a bunch of people is soothing and comforting. There can be days when you do not feel like pushing yourself to the mat. In those days, the yoga community played its role and motivated you to continue the journey.

Consider an example of going for a hike with a group of people who motivates you on each step to move forward and reach the destination. The desire to grow and achieve the same goal is a source of solace. The yoga community depicts the same inspiration, and it takes the hopelessness and fear outside of your mind and gives you support, patience and gratitude.

2.   Connection:

Connection with other community members is another benefit of the yoga community. In a large group of people, you not only learn from every single person, but you also feel connected with them. Bumping into those people of your community outside the yoga-practicing place brings a smile to your face, and it gives you a sense of belonging.

During yoga practice, when you struggle with some difficult pose and suddenly see others doing the same struggle, it motivates you, and you feel connected and brings a sigh of relief. Community gives you new and amazing friends who push you to do better yoga practice daily, and community makes the path of achieving the aim a bit smoother.


3.   Motivation:

Motivating yourself to do yoga practice can be difficult when you are alone, and you can get tired and fed up easily when you are doing it all by yourself. The yoga community brings responsibility and realization to achieve the fitness goal and have a healthy body and soul. Surrounding people with similar grail and objective is a great fount of motivation.

Moving alone and taking the steps with a group of people brings a huge difference both in your physical and mental well-being.

4.   Inspiring Vitality:

Continuation in your yoga practice and enjoying the present moments is possible only when surrounded by a large group of people. Practicing any yoga poses for the long run is not difficult when you have energy, modesty, time, and discipline. All these factors are taught in an individual only by the wonderful community.

Yoga is not a one-day work, and it is a long haul and requires consistency. The community provides inspiring longevity. People around you can cheer you up and give you confounding ideas whenever you are in need. They help you become punctual and religious in yoga practice to fully enjoy the benefits.

People of your yoga community feel that you are not alone in this journey. They make the path of building the yoga habit less challenging.

5.   Acceptance:

The yoga community consists of a large group of people. Each one of them has a different perspective and viewpoint. Every individual's struggles, beliefs, and experiences in the community are different. People can differ in their opinions and ideas, but being a part of the yoga community, every person respects another person's perception. Everyone in that space feel loved, heard, and valued. The community provides a great opportunity to accept yourself as well as others with grace and dignity.

6.   Appreciation:

Last but not least, another great benefit of having a yoga community is the appreciation you receive for your work and achievements.

On the launch of my book, "Yoga For Black Women," the amount of praise and adoration I received was immeasurable. The community's people motivate you to do better and achieve your goals with great zeal and zest. They support you through the roller coaster of your life. The space of the community and its people share positive energy, growth, support, and happiness. It fills you with immense gratitude and humility. It provides you strength and good quality of respect, which positively impacts your daily life and your social ties.

Final Words:

The yoga community builds a strong foundation of nurturing humility, bringing harmony and unity, cultivating compassion, sharing appreciation, growing together, and diminishing ego. The community provides social support, which increases longevity and survival, and it helps us to flourish the interactions and brings peace of mind.






What a beautiful piece of writing, really enjoyed listening to your words and wisdom. Thank you this is exactly how I also feel.

Apr 18, 2022 03:00 PM

Hari AuM Olivia,

Your blog is a good reading. 
Yoga is from the land of Bharath. I am using the word Bharath for the region that is now known as India, to underline the time of antiquity.  The distinguishing  feature of land of Bharath foremost is 'civilisation' -people living together. The culture is Vedic and Sanathana Dharma the model for livelihood. The community always lived in harmony and continuous to do so. No matter how different each one is there is always a spot in the community; no exclusions. Given these refinements it is only natural that Yoga is the secret sauce for once own wellness and that of the  community. By the way, historically there is no event or incident of any violent aggression over people or land by the people of Bharath. That defines Yoga.